What we do

P J Duffy & Son Ltd

We are Module Plant Propagators
Growing in cell sizes 126 Portuguese & GPG / 216 Portuguese & GPG & 345 Portuguese, GPG & Australian.

What we grow
Brussels Sprouts / Cabbage (White / Savoy / Green / Red) / Cauliflower / Calabrese / Leeks / Kale / Broccoli / Purple Sprouting Broccoli / Lettuce.

Who we are

P J Duffy & Son Ltd

Lyn-Way Nurseries, P J Duffy and Son Ltd
We have been growing brassicas for over 30 years, initially under glass, and later using more efficient modular growing systems.

We were first in the industry to adopt modular growing
Within just a few years growing in excess of 25 million plants and increasing.

Who we supply

P J Duffy & Son Ltd

Our plants are provided to growers all over the UK
It's also fair to claim that just about any supermarket-bought brassica grown in this country started life at Lyn-Way.

Lyn-way Nurseries are flying the flag for the British brassica grower
in what is bevoming an increasingly difficult market.