About Us

Lyn-WayNurseries, P J Duffy and Son Ltd have been growing brassicas for over 30 years, initally under glass, and later using more efficient modular growing systems which they were the first in the industry to adopt. Within in just a few years, they were growing in excess of 25 million plants.

These plants are provided to growers all over the UK and it' fair to claim that just about any supermarket-bought brassica grown in this country started life at Lyn-Way Nurseries near Boston in Lincolnshire

With two nursery sites spanning some 8 Hectares all within easy reach of the A17, Lyn-Way Nurseries Lincolnshire base - the 'brassica capital' of the UK - means that they can supply their plants nationwide with very short lead times so that all plants arrive at the grower in optimimum condition, ready for planting. Lyn-Way Nurseries have invested considerable amounts of money in technology to ensure plants are of high quality, virtually and uniformity and continue to look for ways to improve their operation and add value to what they offer growers.

Back to brassicas

Life Sir Cliff, brassicas are sometimes popular, sometimes not, but over the last few decades have always been in the charts somewhere.

Over the last 10 years in particular, consumption of British brassicas generally has been in decline, with the notable exception of broccoli. The continuing success and popularity of broccoli is almost certainly attributable to recent reasearch which suggests that it may have rather unique properties which help in the prevention of cancer in that it forces cancer cells to self-destruct; Brussel sprouts have unique properties in the prevention of cancer also.

But like many other trends which have come and gone over the years, it is a fair bet that brassicas will become all the rage again at some point and, in the meantime grower/nurseries like Lyn-Way Nurseries continue to produce these rather remarkable vegetables, which have always thrived in our climate, to meet a steady demand even against the threat of cheap foreign imports. Of all the vegetables we eat, members of the brassica family are among the few plants native to the British Isles with at least one variety always in season.